Sites Containing Discussion

New York Magazine Online Memorial
      The online memorials are only a small part of this website from New York Metro Magazine. The memorial page does include links to seven other online memorials. The site includes...[more]

Disaster Message Service: Attack on America
      The Disaster Message Service is a free service that has heartbreaking messages posted by people around the world looking for family members, friends, and colleagues who may have...[more]

The World Trade Center Memorial
      Designed by Prete Design and Domain Atlantic as a memorial to all of the victims of September 11. There is a card of hope that has been signed by almost 23,000 people worldwide. ...[more]

Nuestra nueva realidad mundial
      Un "chat" en el servicio Mexicano de internet dirigido a la juventud. En este "chat" se encuentran diversas respuestas a la pregunta: Después del desastre en Estados Unidos, la...[more]

Manhattan Disaster Stories
      The first story on this site is an eerie, disturbing, powerful account of a man who volunteered to help find survivor's and then dig for bodies in the wreckage of the WTC. The...[more]

Ground Zero: A dedication to the men and women at the World Trade Center
      This small website is arranged well and was created as a memorial to those who died at the World Trade Center. It contains poetry and personal essays submitted by people from...[more]

The Nation: September 11, 2001
      This website from The Nation Magazine includes over 30 web articles written since September 11 and over 15 articles from their archives. It also includes external links to...[more]

Reflections on September 11, 2001, the web site of the cable station, offers ten essays, two stories and three poems about the WTC disaster. The essays are written by science fiction novelists and are...[more]

Foro: Opiniones sobre el ataque terrorista a EEUU
      Una colección de comentarios sobre el libro, La Gran Impostura, del autor francés Thierry Meyssan, en un sitio de CNN "plus" de España. Este libro afirma que el ataque contra las...[more]

9/11: Dreams, Lies and Videotape
      The Information Technology War and Peace Project at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University runs this site. This website is an internet driven archive...[more]

International Justice Watch Discussion List Archives
      A thread of discussion on the Univeristy of Buffalo Listserv from September 2001 is captured here. There are over 794 postings from the month....[more]

The Information Techonology, War and Peace Project
      Part of the larger Watson Institute at Brown Univeristy site, this subsection entitled INFOTECHWARPEACE has plenty of useful 911 information. After following a link to "911...[more]

Attack On America - Tuesday 11 September 2001
      This site was created by Michael Sauers, a librarian and internet trainer. It contains links to websites in over two dozen categories. The site does include a few pictures and...[more]

New York City Stories
      David Vanadia created this website in August 2001 to collect stories about New York City. After September 11th, he dedicated part of it to the World Trade Center. He has...[more] 911 Resource Page
      This website is dedicated to the arts and cultural experience. It has links to other sites offering emergency housing and studio space to artists displaced by the terrorist...[more]

September 11, 2001 Victims
      One of the best memorial websites, this site has the most comprehensive updated lists of the victims of the terror attacks. This list is arranged alphabetically and each victim’s...[more]

Everything After: A 9/11 Youth Circle
      This site is run by Global Kids, an organization dedicated to helping urban youth become community and global leaders. Everything After 911 (ea911) was a month long online...[more]

Unity after World Trade Center Attacks: Survivors, Victims, Memorials
      This website is divided into seven sections with the titles: "Know", "Inspire", "Learn", "Remember", "Help", "Speak", and "Links. Each section serves a different purpose. ...[more]

World Trade Center & Pentagon Memorial
      This website is supposed to be a memorial to the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, but it includes few tribute materials. It is much more useful in terms of its links and...[more]

Dichotomy: It Was a Matter of Time and Place
      This site, created by Jeff Gates, is similar to other personal story or reflection sites except that it is organized slightly differently. The site is set up into a dichotomy of...[more]

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Rumors of War
      This site provides links to rumors from the internet. All of these are related to September 11th. Each entry has the date when it was updated and is marked by a colored bullet,...[more]

H-Net and September 11
      H-net is an international group of scholars who exchange ideas, resources, and information. This is done primarily through the more than 100 electronic newsletters or lists on a...[more]

Terrorist Attacks on the U.S. - Internet Rumors Hoaxes Folklore
      This site is dedicated to debunking the urban myths and rumors that started after 9/11. Many of the urban myths here are essentially racist--Arab-American Dunkin'Donuts employees...[more]

CDT Cyber Security: Response to September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks
      The Center for Democracy and Technology is a non-profit organization working to promote democratic values and constitutional liberties in the digital age. Their site features many...[more]

      This is an open letter to the U.S government by The People-Centered Development Forum, a non-profit organization founded on the pillars of social justice and a sustainable future....[more]

Muslims and the West after Sept. 11
      This article written by Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy asks the question why do so many Arabic people hate the United States and how can there possibly be a reconciliation? To find his...[more]

Special Report: September 11 Six Months Later
      Scholastic Publishing has put together a large site, of which this is only a small part. It exists to provide resources to teachers. This online activities center is for school...[more]

Green Party Responses to the September 11 Attacks
      In this featured essay on the Green Party website, the Party condemns the 9/11 attacks and urges the U.S government to view the incidents as a crimes against humanity not as an...[more]

Welcome to Radical Hospitality - is an online community created to serve as a new home and to meet the needs of the relief volunteers and recovery workers that arrived at St. Paul’s Chapel...[more]

September 11, 2001
      The New York Statewide Incident Notification Group is made up of members who listen to their scanners and send alerts to other members of the group whenever an event occurs. ...[more]

Living Memorials Project
      Because of the overwhelming outpouring of community sentiment and desire to memorialize the tragic losses that occurred on September 11, 2001 the USDA Forest Service has responded...[more]

Terrorism Unites America v.3.2 >>> online Time Capsule
      This is an online time capsule where browsers may view documents from around the time of the attacks. These documents, stories, and images are put into the following categories:...[more]

      This website provides examples and information on how the internet allowed people to come together online in response to the events of September 11th. The site is divided into...[more]

New Yorkers- Please Reassure Us - Comics Journal Message Board
      This page is a reproduced thread from The Comics Journal message board, in which cartoonists and comics fans reacted to the events of September 11, 2001. It is only a partial...[more]

Jedi Council Forums - OFFICIAL THREAD: Plane Crashes into World Trade Center
      The Jedi Community Council is a web community of truly devoted Star Wars fans. This link leads to a captured thread of postings between members on September Eleventh. ...[more]

Opinión sobre ataque a los Estados Unidos
      Un extenso foro de opiniones sobre el atentado de las Torres Gemelas de un periódico online de Argentina. Muchos de los comentarios se oponen vehementemente al rol de los EEUU en...[more]

      Cartas al editor seleccionadas por y publicadas en el Rio Negro Online, desde las ciudades de Río Negro y Nuequen, de Patagonia, Argentina. Sólo las dos primeras se refieren al...[more]

September 11: resources to help your congregation in this time of crisis
      A wide range of resources for worship, caregiving, and peacemaking, responding to the attacks of September 11th from the United Church of Christ. Contributors come from the...[more]

      With many features, good design, and plentiful information this 9/11 site is worth a visit. Features include a chat room, a casualty list, poems, WTC statistics, a timeline,...[more]

9/11 Environmental Action Entry Page
      Health and environmental issues stemming from the destruction of the WTC are advocated here. The 9/11 Environmental Action group is an environmental and health advocacy group...[more]