Sites Containing Memorials

New York Magazine Online Memorial
      The online memorials are only a small part of this website from New York Metro Magazine. The memorial page does include links to seven other online memorials. The site includes...[more]

Around The World Page 1
      This website is comprehensive in scope, using much information borrowed from other sites as well as information the creators gathered on their own. The site includes several...[more]

Memorial September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack World Trade Center Pentagon Pennsylvania
      This website is a memorial tribute to all of the victims of the terrorist attacks. The site is divided into nine areas, one for each of the hijacked airliners, one for the World...[more]
      This extremely navigable site has a large amount of information helpful to survivors and victims' friends and families. It is frequently updated and lists important reminders such...[more]
      This memorial website was created by Mary Boonenberg and Sarah Draven. It includes both a chat room and a message board, which have not been utilized, as well as a guestbook and...[more]

Attack on America: The Victims' Voice
      This group is offering free websites to 9/11 survivors as platforms to tell their stories. This page details how to obtain a free site and the basics of developing and publicizing...[more]

Remembering Setpember 11, 2001
      This site organizes victims of 9/11 by location of their death and then allows browsers to search through the names and read short biographies of the victims. The site also allows...[more]

The World Trade Center Memorial
      Designed by Prete Design and Domain Atlantic as a memorial to all of the victims of September 11. There is a card of hope that has been signed by almost 23,000 people worldwide. ...[more]

September 11th - A Day Of Infamy: The Price We Pay
      This many-faceted site is put together by Richard Lowe and Claudia Arevalo-Lowe and it includes patriotic graphics and quotations from President Bush, Prime Minister Blair, Colin...[more]

Ground Zero: A dedication to the men and women at the World Trade Center
      This small website is arranged well and was created as a memorial to those who died at the World Trade Center. It contains poetry and personal essays submitted by people from...[more]

      This website is different from most of the other archived sites. It exists as a place where people can submit prayers specifically dealing with September 11th. There are over...[more]

07:00:39 Sydney
      A message board where people can share their 9/11 feelings and sympathy for the victims and their families is featured on this tribute site. There is also a brief note from the...[more]

September 11: A Memorial
      This CNN memorial page includes photos of some of the victims, their names, ages, employers, where they were from, the location where they worked, and when their file was last...[more]

National Air Traffic Controllers Association
      The National Air Traffic Controllers Association created this website as a memorial to September 11th. It has many of the same features as other sites including memorials to...[more]

Where Were You?
      This site features over 2000 compelling first-person narratives of the crisis, many from young people. These personal stories come from across the United States and a few foreign...[more]

A Day to Remember
      This site offers a link to a page where viewers can search through victims' names and read short biogrpahies. The site's layout is poor and does not seem to be regularly updated....[more]

      This website is not typical of most of the other sympathy sites on the Internet because it is from a Malaysian based newspaper. The Star Online is the web-based outlet of the...[more]

      Ryan and Diane Currence have created two 9/11 memorial quilts in honor of the Firmen and EMS workers who perished on 9/11. Their site has pictures of their quilts, their reasons...[more]

WTC and Lower Manhattan--past and future
      This site is part of the Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research at SUNY-Albany. It is a scholarly website divided into six areas of interest plus an...[more]

      The Greenstar Foundation is a group that builds solar powered community centers in impoverished villages around the world. They record the culture of the village and sell the...[more]

New York City Stories
      David Vanadia created this website in August 2001 to collect stories about New York City. After September 11th, he dedicated part of it to the World Trade Center. He has...[more]

September 11, 2001
      This comprehensive remembrance site includes a bit of everything. There is a musical background with a voice-over of sound bites from scared survivors, as well as President Bush....[more]
      A highly comprehensive website launched on September 11, 2001, and designed by J. Ong. There are links to many other sites that memorialize the tragedy, as well as several...[more]
      This site has links to press releases that pertain to the Jewish community and reaction or response to September 11. The site also offers a forum for discussion by viewers. They...[more]

      Run by volunteers from across the country, this website is a memorial to the victims of the terror attacks. The site includes links to lists of the victims, and an area where the...[more]

WTC Internet Remembrance Campaign - World Trade Centre Victims' Memorial and Images
      This remembrance site includes many different types of memorials and images. The first thing the viewer comes to is a memorial quilt with over 200 messages. Next is a supporter...[more]

September 11, 2001: Gay Victims Gay Heroes
      This website lists over 20 gay men and women who died as a result of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Each person is identified by a photograph, when available, and...[more]

September 11, 2001 Victims
      One of the best memorial websites, this site has the most comprehensive updated lists of the victims of the terror attacks. This list is arranged alphabetically and each victim’s...[more]

PBS: America Responds
      A part of the PBS website, this includes links to PBS shows that offer news and analysis, and ten links to excerpts from PBS shows offering background resources. There are...[more]

America Survives
      This site begins with a homepage that offers internal links to the different areas of the site including a section for publishing “thoughts, articles, stories, and personal...[more]

Wall of Americans: Remember, Respond, Recover
      Created by four volunteers from Corporate Web Services, Incorporated, it includes a memorial wall of victims of all of the attacks on September 11. Each memorial has been...[more]

World Trade Aftermath
      John Haller created this website, which is made up mostly of links to other sites. The homepage includes updates on the memorial Tribute in Light, as well as information on the...[more]

The Survivor List
      This website is a list of names in alphabetical order and includes the status of each person. There are over 1,700 people listed: alive, missing and deceased. Each entry leads...[more]

Victim's Memorial Online
      This memorial website was created to allow the families of the victims of September 11 to submit tributes to their loved ones. The site lists each name in alphabetical order and...[more]

Commemorate WTC
      A team of international web developers from a dozen companies developed this comprehensive website. The site has some unique features such as a flower wall where guests place...[more]

The New York City Fire Fighter, Police & EMS Memorial
      Mitch Mendler, a paramedic and fire fighter from San Diego created this site as a memorial to the fire fighters, EMS, and police officers who lost their lives on September 11. ...[more]

World Trade Center Emergency Locator
      This website was created by volunteers from Webcentric in order to try to help families locate loved ones from the World Trade Center. Victims and survivors are listed in...[more]

Inhuman Swill
      Bill Shunn created this site on September 11 as a place where family and friends could post the names of survivors of the terrorist attacks. It serves as a useful snapshot in...[more]

National Obituary Archive (NOA)
      The National Obituary Archive has put together a special section of their main site dedicated to those who perished on September 11. The site lists the fifty most recent...[more]

Unity after World Trade Center Attacks: Survivors, Victims, Memorials
      This website is divided into seven sections with the titles: "Know", "Inspire", "Learn", "Remember", "Help", "Speak", and "Links. Each section serves a different purpose. ...[more]

United In Memory: 9/11 Memorial Quilt
      This site describes a quilt project, similar to the AIDS quilt. Freelance graphic artist Corey Gammel and an operations manager for a moving company, Peter Marquez developed the...[more] Letter to the Families
      Two graphic designers, Mindy Kombert and Sherry Kromenfeld founded this unique project as a permanent memorial to the victims of September 11th. The flag of remembrance will be...[more]

World Trade Center Tribute
      This 9/11 tribute site is nicely designed and features several touching flash movies. Browsers are encouraged to make donations through the site to 9/11 charities. The site links...[more]
      This tribute/memorial website is part of the larger site, which is dedicated to preserving memories of the deceased with stories, photographs, and personal...[more]

WTC Memorial Quilt Project Diary
      This site describes the memorial quilting project created by Amy Leasure and Chris Davis of Prescott, Arizona. The project received 18,988 panels, which are being sewn into large...[more]

World Trade Center Miracles
      This website offers a little of everything, although it is nevertheless well organized. It serves two purposes. One is to offer resources to people wanting to research the World...[more]

World Trade Center & Pentagon Memorial
      This website is supposed to be a memorial to the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, but it includes few tribute materials. It is much more useful in terms of its links and...[more]

World Trade Center and Pentagon Disaster Information and Memorial
      This site’s contents were contributed by people from around the world and are available in nine different languages. The internal links include poetry, pictures, music, articles,...[more]

Rebuilding NYC - brought to you by Gotham Gazette
      The Gotham Gazette has set aside part of its website for information on the rebuilding of New York City. The site includes weekly features, such as a calendar of events and...[more]

Port Authority Police Memorial
      This site pays tribute to the thirty-seven Port Authority Police officers who lost their lives in the World Trade Center disaster. Each officer’s photograph is posted on the...[more]

America United We Stand Photos Slideshow
      The Connecticut Legal Guide has put together two slide shows, which can be ordered on this site. One is a tribute to the patriotic spirit at Ground Zero and beyond. It includes...[more]

September 11th Memorial
      This memorial was created by a man in Portland, Oregon who wanted to do something to help after the September 11th tragedy. The site includes memorials to all of the victims,...[more]

9/11 Memorial Wall
      This site is run by Cafe America. The memorial has a musical background where viewers can submit tributes and poetry. There are memorial walls, which include the name and age of...[more]

Irish Tribute: A Memorial to the Irish Victims
      Irish Abroad created this website as a tribute to people of Irish decent who lost their lives on September 11th. The site includes reflections, poetry, and Irish blessings, as...[more]

In Memoriam
      This memorial site was created by the Association of Flight Attendants for their members who lost their lives on September 11th. The site is organized by the four flights that...[more]

Flight 93 Memorial
      This site is a tribute to the victims of flight 93. The passengers and crew are listed in alphabetical order, most are pictured in photographs with links to news stories and...[more]

September 11: No More Innocent Victims
      The Global Exchange is an international human rights organization dedicated to promoting political, social and environmental justice globally. The Global Exchange web site...[more]

The World Will Always Remember September 11
      The White House homepage offers a map of the world where viewers can click on selected countries and find information on how that country's governemnent reacted to the events of...[more]

Wotton Children's Fund
      This is a trubute site for Rod Wooton, killed on the 97th floor of the WTC. The site gives tribute to Rod Wooten and asks for donations for his children....[more]

Green Party Responses to the September 11 Attacks
      In this featured essay on the Green Party website, the Party condemns the 9/11 attacks and urges the U.S government to view the incidents as a crimes against humanity not as an...[more]

      This site is a tribute to the rescue workers who died at the World Trade Center on September 11th. It includes a list of EMS and firefighters who lost their lives. Each victim...[more]

poetry and inspirations from 9-11-01
      This is a MSN message board of a group concentrating on 9/11 inspired poetry. The poetry, of varying quality, is all touching and heartfelt....[more]

911 Tribute Memorial compiled by Steve Golding
      This tribute site contains two emotional and harrowing flash movies plus an extremely gripping story by a man who worked in World Trade Center 1, and was a block from his building...[more]

Hero's of Airliner 93
      This is a tribute site about the people on UNITED AIRLINES FLIGHT 93 A Boeing 757 en route from Newark, N.J. to San Francisco. The plane was carrying 38 passengers, two pilots and...[more]

Welcome to Radical Hospitality - is an online community created to serve as a new home and to meet the needs of the relief volunteers and recovery workers that arrived at St. Paul’s Chapel...[more]

September 11, 2001
      This is a 9/11 tribute site that features poetry by the webmaster, a Washington Post article, an orginal 9/11 inspired song, and a few dead...[more]

National Park Service: 9-11-01 Remembrance
      The National Park Service 9.11.01 Remembrance online exhibit is a culmination of materials collected over the past 10 months that document the involvement of National Park Service...[more]

Living Memorials Project
      Because of the overwhelming outpouring of community sentiment and desire to memorialize the tragic losses that occurred on September 11, 2001 the USDA Forest Service has responded...[more]

      This 9/11 tribute site organizes victims by the location of their death and lists their names, ages, hometown, occupation and occasionally a brief note about them. The site also...[more]

WTC 9-11
      This page features a patriotic poem and several patriotic images....[more]

Thank You Rescuers - dedicated to the heroes who respond to the September 11 Attack on America tragedy.
      This website refers to itself as “the big thank you card,” and it honors heroes who worked as rescuers on and after September 11th. The site includes over 400 thank you messages...[more]

Sept. 11: A Campus Reflects
      The Duke News webpage has several articles exploring the student and faculty reaction to the September Eleventh anniversary. There is also a piece by the school president...[more]

In Memory of Nicole
      Several photos of Nicole Miller are featured on this 9/11 tribute site dedicated to her. She was on United Airlines Flight 93 which after being hijacked crashed in Pennsylvania....[more]

Victorian Greeting Cards - Main Page
      Children aboard the flights hijacked on 9/11 are paid tribute here. Their names, age, and hometown are listed and links go to biography pages, some displaying pictures, where...[more]

Cantor Families Memorial
      This website is dedicated to preserving the memories of the families, friends, and colleagues of the victims from the Cantor family of companies in the World Trade Center tragedy....[more]

Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund
      The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund is one of the major charitable groups providing direct assistance to those who lost family members on 9/11. The CFRF web site provides more...[more]

Per non dimenticare 11-09-2001
      On this Italian website many pictures of the World Trade Center are available as well as three flash movies, plus interesting features like a webcam feed from ground zero. The...[more]

A memorial by an Australian
      Australian Chris von Deutschburg has created a 9/11 tribute site featuring letters written to him from Australians and Americans. The letters are generally highly patriotic and...[more]

      With many features, good design, and plentiful information this 9/11 site is worth a visit. Features include a chat room, a casualty list, poems, WTC statistics, a timeline,...[more]

World Trade Center wtc 911 memorial
      This site offers a conglomeration of photos and flash files pertaining to the 9/11 attacks. There are interactive features such as a map of downtown New York which higlights...[more]

Welcome to the WORLD MEMORIAL
      World Memorial promotes the building of a memorial and museum at Ground Zero and welcomes visitors to contribute their ideas. The site has an online survey and petition form,...[more]