Sites Containing News

New York Magazine Online Memorial
      The online memorials are only a small part of this website from New York Metro Magazine. The memorial page does include links to seven other online memorials. The site includes...[more]

America's Crisis: Asian Perspectives -- AsiaSource
      This website features background materials on the people, issues, and the regions involved in the war on terrorism in Afghanistan. It was created by, an...[more]

The September 11th Source Books: National Security Archive Online
      The National Security Archive collected at George Washington University includes documents that provide background on terrorism and the United States. The documents are divided...[more]

Salvaging Electronic Communication
      This article for the Washinton Post discusses the effort to salvage the last electronic comunications made by victims in the World Trade Center and the...[more]

The Nation: September 11
      The Nation is a political news magazine with a large collection of quality articles about or related to 9/11. These articles offer excellent analysis from a left-wing...[more]

September 11 - Archived September 11, 2001 News - The 9-11-2001 Terrorist Attack on America. Archives in Images, Photos, & Newspapers from the Sept. 11th, 2001 Terrorist Attacks at the WTC & Pentagon. has a wealth of information available on their site, offering information or links leading to information on virtually every 9/11 topic. Featured are hundreds...[more]

The Avalon Project : September 11, 2001 : Attack on America
      The Avalon project is run by Yale Law School and includes digital documents concerned with law, history, economics, and diplomacy, in this case, related to September 11th. ...[more]

Map of Countries Suffering Casualties September 11
      This is a U.S government page showing a world map on which every country that suffered casulties on 9/11 is highlighted. This illustration graphicly presents how much of the world...[more]

The 11 September War on Terror Portal
      This site was created to remind people why the war on terrorism is being waged. It includes an essay by one of its creators, Ken Anderson, on the importance of remembering the...[more]

Twin Towers Crash.Net
      This is an attractive site dedicated to making peace in the aftermath of the WTC attacks. It is some what light on content but does offer a few stories, articles, photos, and...[more]

AsthmaMoms WorldTradeCenter
      This website is comprehensive in its scope, which is to inform people about the air quality and cleanup of the lower Manhattan area. The site is part of a larger site created by...[more]

Flight 93: Forty Lives, One Destiny
      Post Gazette staff writer Dennis B. Roddy wrote this comprehensive story on United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in western Pennsylvania. The article profiles several...[more]

The World Trade Center Memorial
      Designed by Prete Design and Domain Atlantic as a memorial to all of the victims of September 11. There is a card of hope that has been signed by almost 23,000 people worldwide. ...[more]

Perspective: September 11
      This is a chilling story from a man who worked across the street from WTC. His proximity to the attack makes for a gripping narrative....[more]

La Vulnerabilidad del Poder
      Una selección de la cobertura informativa del ataque terrorista del 11 de septiembre en los medios masivos de gran parte del Uruguay. Este sitio también incluye opiniones, arte...[more]

The Nation: September 11, 2001
      This website from The Nation Magazine includes over 30 web articles written since September 11 and over 15 articles from their archives. It also includes external links to...[more]

September 11
      This is a collection of over 200 screen shots of news sites from around the world on September 11 and 12, 2001. There are links to books published on the terror attacks, a...[more]

Television Archive: A Library of World Perspectives
      This archive is a public non-profit library that offers permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to collections that exist in a digital format, particularly news...[more]

The Week in Pictures
      This website is part of the MSNBC archives. It includes three separate areas. One of which is a slide show of 25 images. Each slide includes commentary, a video, and sound. ...[more]

September 11 News
      A.D. Williams, a Canadian web designer put this site together. It is a comprehensive website. It includes links to timelines and images from September 2001 through September...[more]

Terror Hits Home
      These fourteen compelling photos on the Time Magazine web site are amazing photo-journalism. ...[more]

The Terrorism Research Center - U.S. Homeland Attack
      The Terrorism Research Center is an independant institute dedicated to the research of terrorism, information warfare, security, critical infrastructure protection and homeland...[more]

WTC and Lower Manhattan--past and future
      This site is part of the Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research at SUNY-Albany. It is a scholarly website divided into six areas of interest plus an...[more]

Responses to Terrorism
      The Human Rights Project of Bard College established this archive of newspaper articles, essays, commentaries, and photographs. The first category shown on the site is Responses...[more]

9/11: Dreams, Lies and Videotape
      The Information Technology War and Peace Project at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University runs this site. This website is an internet driven archive...[more]

Mundo del Nuevo Humanismo - Sobre los Atentados en EE.UU.
      Sitio del Mundo del Nuevo Humanismo, con base en Madrid, España y enlaces con la Red Mundial para el Desarrollo Humano. Comentarios, informes, reportajes y colecciones de fotos...[more]

PBS: America Responds
      A part of the PBS website, this includes links to PBS shows that offer news and analysis, and ten links to excerpts from PBS shows offering background resources. There are...[more]

World Trade Aftermath
      John Haller created this website, which is made up mostly of links to other sites. The homepage includes updates on the memorial Tribute in Light, as well as information on the...[more]

Families of September 11
      Families of September 11, Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded by families of those who died in the September 11 terrorist attacks. Their website includes services for...[more]

Rebuilding NYC - brought to you by Gotham Gazette
      The Gotham Gazette has set aside part of its website for information on the rebuilding of New York City. The site includes weekly features, such as a calendar of events and...[more]

Especiales: Ataque
      This news article was originally written for El, a Spanish-Language publication. It describes the political events in the aftermath of the September 11th...[more]

CDT Cyber Security: Response to September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks
      The Center for Democracy and Technology is a non-profit organization working to promote democratic values and constitutional liberties in the digital age. Their site features many...[more]

Special Report on Possible Fraud Schemes - Solicitations of Donations for Victims of Terrorist Attacks
      The U.S government issued this Special Report--Solicitations of Donations for Victims of Terrorist Attacks. The report cautions the public before giving money and makes clear the...[more]

11 September attacks: The European Union's broad response
      This site is part of Europa, the electronic portal for information from the European Union. This area provides up to date stories on the European Union’s responses to the...[more]

Amnesty International - working to protect human rights worldwide - sep11crisis
      This site provides information from Amnesty International on their response to the war on terrorism. Their call is for justice not revenge. The website offers position papers on...[more]

In These Times * The Enemy Within
      This provocative article accuses the Israeli government of using the 9/11 attacks as a way to further there bloody war with the...[more]

Special Report: September 11 Six Months Later
      Scholastic Publishing has put together a large site, of which this is only a small part. It exists to provide resources to teachers. This online activities center is for school...[more]

Pentagon Renovation Program
      Part of the Pentagon website this page is devoted to the ongoing reconstruction of the Pentagon. Among other things, a new swimming pool, a jogging track suspended over a full...[more]

C-SPAN: September 11: U.S. Response
      C-Span’s website on terrorism is organized around video clips. All of the videos relate to the U. S. response to September 11th and are organized into the categories of White...[more]

NYCOSH: WTC Catastrophe links
      Extensive website developed by the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH), with summaries of reports and links to full documents on a wide range of...[more]

Peruana vivió horas de angustia en cielo de EEUU
      Notícia sobre la experiencia de una peruana aislada el 11 de septiembre, 2001, en una avión cerca de Seattle, E.U., en ruta a Tokyo. Del servicio de noticias Intl Press Japan...[more]

La Guerra del Siglo 21: Ataque a Estados Unidos y sus Consecuencias
      Aún Má, un servicio del internet y enciclopedia de Latinoamerica, recopiló informes cortos sobre el atentado del 11 de septiembre y su impacto. Este sitio también provee...[more]
      This website has news and scheduled events related to the Flight 93 crash on September 11, as well as directions to the memorial in Shanksville,...[more]

The Road Through 9/11
      This site has extensive chronologies of events throughout the world that the author links to the events of Setpember 11, 2001. The media sources of the information are provided...[more]

National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States
      "The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, an independent, bipartisan commission created by congressional legislation and the signature of President...[more]