Title: The Nation: September 11, 2001
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Annotation: This website from The Nation Magazine includes over 30 web articles written since September 11 and over 15 articles from their archives. It also includes external links to activist resources, media resources, and resources on Islam, as well as information and addresses for charitable donations. The site also re-publishes excerpts from a special issue on patriotism that they released a decade ago.
Excerpt: The Nation website will offer continuing reporting, analysis, commentary and investigation on the terror attacks and their aftermath on this special page. We've put together a collection of relevant resources, including all Nation web articles relating to the attacks; a collection of Nation archival material; a series of links to peace and anti-discrimination groups; a selection of current essays and articles from publications around the world; and a set of Internet-based resources devoted to elucidating the true essence of Islamic culture and to discussing tensions in the world's far-from-monolithic Muslim communities.
Type: media
Contains: stories, essays/reflections, discussion, news, links