Title: Television Archive: A Library of World Perspectives
Author: Television Archive
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Annotation: This archive is a public non-profit library that offers permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to collections that exist in a digital format, particularly news broadcasts. The September 11 archive includes news coverage video from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Japan, Mexico, China, and Russia. There is a chronology of the day’s events as well as the week after. A program guide lists all of the broadcasts the archive has available from 19 televisions stations both inside the United States and seven foreign countries. The site includes nine videos of detailed analysis of the crisis, and an over view of the events of September 11.
Excerpt: The events of September 11th affected the entire world. Reactions around the globe have been captured in this archive of television news broadcasts from the period following the attacks. We invite you to explore the collection and share your thoughts with other archive users.
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Contains: news, links, audio, video