Title: America on Alert
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Annotation: Through this page, one can get access to powerful photoessays on September 11. Two of them are a series of photos by James Nachtwey for Time Magazine, and another is by Anthony Shau for Time. Other photoessays come from images from AFP, AP, and Reuters. There are also links to Time’s coverage of the terrorist attacks and the aftermath, and to their coverage of the heroes and the recovery. Some of the other links included in the site are to Time’s photoessays on other topics and to cartoons.
Excerpt: Images of the World Trade Center attack and aftermath by James Nachtwey; Photographs of New York the week after the attack by James Nachtwey for TIME; New Yorkers struggle with their anxiety one week after the WTC attack. A photoessay for TIME by Anthony Suau....
Type: media
Contains: stories, essays/reflections, links, images