Title: 9/11: Dreams, Lies and Videotape
Author: Information Technology, War and Peace Project, Brown University
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Annotation: The Information Technology War and Peace Project at the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University runs this site. This website is an internet driven archive for resources and discussion of the events of September 11. It lists sources of information including newspapers and broadcasts both domestic and international, news websites and gateways, discussion forums, action petitions, teaching and government resources, information on Islam, and compiled information on different aspects of 9/11. Another area of the site includes commentaries on September 11 and its aftermath. There is also a discussion board and an archive of various issues. The initial page includes several discussions of the quick demise of the Office of Strategic Influence.
Excerpt: With support from the Ford Foundation, the Project on Information Technology, War and Peace itwp has been established to track the effects of Information Technology (IT) on traditional statecraft and new forms of networked global politics. Itwp supports and seeks to extend networks of knowledge and authority that are working to preempt and to resolve conflicts enabled by hate media, virtual war, and other bellicose uses of information technology.
Type: organization
Contains: essays/reflections, discussion, news, links, images, video