Title: Remember
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Annotation: The Greenstar Foundation is a group that builds solar powered community centers in impoverished villages around the world. They record the culture of the village and sell the photographs, music, etc. to raise revenue for that village. The website was created by Greenstar to honor victims of September 11th. They chose 100 victims, many of whom were from outside the United States to profile with both a photograph and words. The site also includes reflective essays from people of many countries, including Tony Blair. There is also a link to responses from recent Nobel Peace Prize recipients.
Excerpt: In the weeks following 911, I worked with people at my company, Greenstar,to assemble a web page of memories, ideas, images, and video. Greenstar is in the international development business,with sizable interests in the Middle East, so we have a strong concern with the events of 911. On November 11, 2001, at 11 am, I was finally back in New York and took a series of photos in and around Ground Zero. They are presented, in musical form.
Type: corporate
Contains: stories, essays/reflections, memorial, images, audio, video