Title: The Information Techonology, War and Peace Project
Author: project team
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Annotation: Part of the larger Watson Institute at Brown Univeristy site, this subsection entitled INFOTECHWARPEACE has plenty of useful 911 information. After following a link to "911 Infointerventions" browsers can find an index of topics which lead to essays written specifically for the site and many high quality news articles from around the world. This site would be ideal for those trying to broaden their understanding of 9/11 related topics.
Excerpt: With support from the Ford Foundation, the Project on Information Technology, War and Peace itwp has been established to track the effects of Information Technology (IT) on traditional statecraft and new forms of networked global politics. Itwp supports and seeks to extend networks of knowledge and authority that are working to preempt and to resolve conflicts enabled by hate media, virtual war, and other bellicose uses of information technology.
Type: organization
Contains: essays/reflections, discussion, links, images