Title: Commemorate WTC
Author: William E. Landfair-Owens
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Annotation: A team of international web developers from a dozen companies developed this comprehensive website. The site has some unique features such as a flower wall where guests place virtual flowers on a wall with a short message, the ability to send commemorative 9/11 email cards, and an interactive section. This site also includes internal links to memorial pages, speech transcripts, CNN transcripts, a timeline, a photo gallery, the aftermath , a database of victims, a guestbook, an archive of news transcripts of the events, and an area where viewers can donate funds to three charities chosen by the sponsors of the website.
Excerpt: It was just around 6:00 AM local time when I was lying in bed with my wife, watching in stunned disbelief a live newsfeed revealing the doomed airliner striking the second WTC tower. I had been up all night working on a web project and really needed a short nap before continuing. Not anymore.
Type: organization
Contains: stories, essays/reflections, memorial, links, images