Title: Unity after World Trade Center Attacks: Survivors, Victims, Memorials
Author: Cynthia DuBose, Michelle Thompson, Peter Begley
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Annotation: This website is divided into seven sections with the titles: "Know", "Inspire", "Learn", "Remember", "Help", "Speak", and "Links. Each section serves a different purpose. "Know" includes remembrances submitted to their site and a wall of remembrance with the names of all of the victims of September 11 and links to their online tributes. "Inspire" includes three stories submitted by viewers and links to survivor stories and witness tales from People Magazine,, and Irish Abroad’s Irish Tribute website. "Learn" explores issues of diversity in America and includes a list of prominent Arab-Americans. "Remember" explains government-sponsored discrimination throughout the history of the United States and lists recent hate crimes. "Help" offers suggestions on how to show patriotism and offers links to charities. "Speak" includes entries from the guestbook. "Links" offers links to other memorial sites. The site was created by three web developers, Cynthia DuBose, Michelle Thompson, and Peter Begley.
Excerpt: his is a web site about hope and unity. A site where the faces lost in the catastrophes on September 11th can be known. A place for stories about people within communities helping and supporting each other. Please join us by submitting stories, pictures, and / or links about your loved ones lost in the Pentagon and World Trade Center tragedies or about something that you have done or seen that has shown unity across America. Learn more about us << The human toll ... lives precious beyond measure ... the individual faces that tell the true story. As a memorial to the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks, this section totes the private loss and pain of the catastrophe, provides links to resources needed by survivors, and offers a meeting place for those suffering.
Type: organization
Contains: stories, essays/reflections, discussion, memorial, links, images