Title: Terrorist Attacks on the U.S. - Internet Rumors Hoaxes Folklore
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Annotation: This site is dedicated to debunking the urban myths and rumors that started after 9/11. Many of the urban myths here are essentially racist--Arab-American Dunkin'Donuts employees celebrating the 9/11 attacks--and the host of the site David Emery deftly tears them apart.
Excerpt: Current Netlore: Terrorist Attacks on the U.S. Internet hoaxes, email rumors and urban legends related to the events of September 11, 2001 Early Rumors Was one airliner purposely shot down? Were more than four airliners hijacked? Did World Trade Center occupants get advance warning? Was Britain also attacked? Will there be a gasoline shortage? Was WTC wreckage offered for sale on eBay? Did CNN fake footage of celebrating Palestinians? Did the artwork on a CD cover resemble pictures of the attacks?
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Contains: stories, essays/reflections, discussion