Title: World Trade Center Tribute
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Annotation: This 9/11 tribute site is nicely designed and features several touching flash movies. Browsers are encouraged to make donations through the site to 9/11 charities. The site links to many other 9/11 tribute sites.
Excerpt: This site is dedicated to the people of NY.%uFFCA My Prayers are with you.%uFFCA%uFFCA Guest Book June 3: In Reply to a recent E-mail I wish to ask for prayers for the family of Danny Pearl.%uFFCA I Photo Reporter who's life was taken by Terrorists.%uFFCA May God's peace be in his families hearts. I wish to also thank the photographers & graphic designers who's images have made possible this site, May God Bless you all. May 14th, 2002 - Thank you to the Bergen Museum in NJ.%uFFCA They have touched my heart naming this site their choice for site of the year 2001. The movies are in Flash Format,%uFFCA On slower video cards they may tend to run slower and out of sequence.%uFFCA Flash 5 or Higher required.%uFFCA A CD version in video format is available through the Canadian Burn Foundation.%uFFCA The CD version runs fully in sync between video and audio, and is high quality audio.%uFFCA There is a%uFFCA DVD version is also in the works.
Type: personal
Contains: stories, essays/reflections, memorial