Title: Thank You Rescuers - dedicated to the heroes who respond to the September 11 Attack on America tragedy.
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Annotation: This website refers to itself as “the big thank you card,” and it honors heroes who worked as rescuers on and after September 11th. The site includes over 400 thank you messages arranged from the newest message to the oldest. The editors do reserve the right to delete messages that they find offensive. It also includes photographs divided into the three categories of images of devastation, people and memorials, and rescuers. Viewers can also contribute their own photographs to the site. There are several links to organizations that provide relief assistance and information, as well as information on Nino’s Restaurant and its efforts to feed the rescue workers.
Excerpt: This is a community site - the community of brave, freedom loving people the world over - who would like to express their thoughts and appreciation to those who have served us and continue to serve us in the rescue efforts for victims in New York City, Washington DC, and Somerset County Pennsylvania. They include: Fire Fighters, Police, Port Authority Police, EMS workers, medical personnel, FEMA rescue workers, canine teams, sanitation workers, iron workers, military personnel, airport personnel, public service workers, civilian volunteers, FBI agents, public servants, and more.
Type: organization
Contains: memorial, links, images