Title: The Road Through 9/11
Author: Charles Parmely
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Annotation: This site has extensive chronologies of events throughout the world that the author links to the events of Setpember 11, 2001. The media sources of the information are provided for all statements, and most events are coded by region and topic. The focus is on "unrest, war, and terrorism" rather than comprehesive history of international events.
Excerpt: Thereís a great deal of misinformation about the attacks, their background, and their consequences.† Iíve attempted to help sort out the confusion by putting together a set of detailed chronologies covering the events that led to and led from 9/11, as well as a timeline of the day of September 11.† This chronology is intended as an outline of developments related to 9/11 and its aftermath, and tends to focus on unrest, war, and terrorism. It is not meant to be a comprehensive timeline of Middle East history.
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