Title: Here is New York
Author: here is new york
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Annotation: “Here is New York is a non-profit foundation formed to conduct activities that promote the arts and provide assistance, relief, and support to world events.” This photographic website includes photographs submitted by amateurs and professionals to the foundation, which are available for purchase with the proceeds going to the Children’s Aid Society WTC Relief Fund. A short essay explaining the exhibit accompanies the photos written by Michael Shulan. The gallery contains over 2,700 pictures from categories including views of the WTC before, during, and after the attacks, firefighters and police officers, ground, zero, memorials, victims, onlookers, missing, medical and rescue workers, flags, helpers and the military, media, cityscapes, messages, and protests. The site also includes information on the dates and locations of the traveling exhibit."
Excerpt: HERE IS NEW YORK is not a conventional gallery show. It is something new, a show tailored to the nature of the event, and to the response it has elicited. The exhibition is subtitled "A Democracy of Photographs" because anyone and everyone who has taken pictures relating to the tragedy is invited to bring or ftp their images to the gallery, where they will be digitally scanned, archivally printed and displayed on the walls alongside the work of top photojournalists and other professional photographers. All of the prints which HERE IS NEW YORK displays will be sold to the public for $25, regardless of their provenance. The net proceeds will go to the Children's Aid Society WTC Relief Fund, for the benefit of the thousands of children who are among the greatest victims of this catastrophe.
Type: organization
Contains: images