Title: New York Magazine Online Memorial
Author: New York Metro Magazine
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Annotation: The online memorials are only a small part of this website from New York Metro Magazine. The memorial page does include links to seven other online memorials. The site includes three photo galleries and three main feature stories as well as a place to vote on which one of four prominent people had the worst response to the terror attacks. There are also two sections of stories on the days after September 11 and the recovery months. Each of these is broken down into several categories of articles. Included in the recovery section are people, victim profiles, new threats, restoring New York City, coping, culture, and Afghanistan and America. The days after section has New York stories, grief and mourning, war and security, politics, Wall Street, and Architecture sub-headings.
Excerpt: Memorials to loved ones, online essays, photo galleries, New York Stories, and a support guide, 57-stories, an online diary...
Type: media
Contains: stories, essays/reflections, discussion, memorial, news, links, images